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Contact Us / t: +2711 663 2000

Rivens & Cladding

Ideal for internal and external applications, most rivens are pre-assembled for fast and easy installation, with no grouting required. Union Tiles has a wide variety of rivens and cladding including interlocking rivens, modular rivens and ledge stone rivens, rock face cladding, futuris, country rock and rustic wall cladding.


Chisel Edge & Sandstone Cladding Quartzite & Slate Random Cladding Modular Rivens Marble Rustic Wall Cladding Ledge Stone Interlocking Rivens Itala & Stonelo CladdingCoral Quaystone CladdingCountry Rock CladdingFuturis CladdingHoned CladdingLoose RivensRock Face CladdingStacked Pebble Cladding


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