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Finish:  Light or Dark in Matt

Light or Dark in Gloss

Available in size:   90 mm(w) x 909 mm (l) x 15 mm thick

Packaging:  24 pieces per box (2.21 m2)

Weight:  Gross weight 24kg per box


Bamboo Flooring is a material that enhances the beauty and comfort of any floor.  It is the modern alternative to traditional hardwood floors.  Each plank of bamboo solid flooring is made up of multiple individual pieces of bamboo pressed together to form the plank so that the direction and density of the grain is varied.  Bamboo is an environmentally friendly renewable resource.  It is harvested with minimal impact on its natural environments and returns to maturity in just five years, which makes bamboo an ecologically responsible flooring alternative.

Bamboo is pre-finished flooring that requires no sanding or varnishing upon installation.  It is protected by multiple layers of UV resistant aluminium oxide and polyurethane coatings.  The matt-finish coatings preserve the grain and colour of the flooring from scratches, discolouration and wear for years.  Like any other hardwood flooring, bamboo can be refinished.  In addition to which bamboo is 30% harder than oak flooring, amking it highly resistant to marks, gouges and impressions.

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