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Contact Us / t: +2711 663 2000


Marble is a crystalline rock which originated as limestone around 60 to 600 million years ago, which is why it can only be found in the oldest strata of the earth. The soft calcium combines with carbonic acid to form the salt calcium carbonate, from which many rock masses are created. Through metamorphosis, this calcium carbonate turns into marble.

Metamorphosis is a true chemical and physical wonder of Mother Nature, who, deep down in her crust, manages to convert solid rock at unimaginably high pressure and temperature levels.

Nevertheless, it does not melt: its structure changes and crystallises. Marble as we know it is cut from the ground in large blocks, sawn into slices – known as slabs – and subjected to a meticulous finish process to unveil beautiful, glossy slabs and tiles in an endless range of colours and patterns. Obviously, each piece is completely unique – every marble panel looks slightly different and always completely natural: after all, marble is the epitome of natural stone.

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