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Contact Us / t: +2711 663 2000

Insitu Terrazzo & Cement Coatings

Cement Coatings & Paints Insitu Seamless Floors

Plastex * Pooltex * Supreme Pool Plaster * Unicemtex – our trained and experienced specialists will offer you advice on the preparation and the application of our own range of cementitous paints and coating brands, which are made at our factory and are available in a variety of colours. Our Supreme Pool Plaster is manufactured using quality imported white cement and the whitest marble powders and additives. Our Pooltex is a specially formulated cost effective non-slip double strength coating available in a range of colours, which is ideal for renovating old pools, where the pool plaster is corroded or the surface is damaged, this coating is unique, as it erodes smoother over time and does not peel like most pool paints!

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