Union Tiles

Contact Us / t: +2711 663 2000

Contact Us / t: +2711 663 2000

Grout, Adhesives, Additives and Cement


We stock grouts, tiling adhesives, bonding liquids and key coats to suit your every tiling requirement. Union Tiles manufacture top quality products in our factory as well as stock the best tried and tested quality brand names. Visit our supplier websites below to view the comprehensive range available.

Union Tiles also stock Cimsa white cement. Cimsa is one of the three major brands in white cement worldwide. Their Super White Portland Cement is markedly above standard values in terms of chemical, physical and performance properties. Its average degree of whiteness is 85.5% and it has a high degree of comprehensive strength in relation to other white and grey portland cements. Cimsa white portland cement is resistant to alkaline aggregate reactions and it provides solidity, as well as exquisite appearance in structural materials used in all kinds of works of art and architecture.


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